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Receive alerts when your website is down through emails, Slack or SMS, integrated with real time data and insights

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Receive alerts in real time
Seamlessly integrate notification channels for you and your teammates such as Slack, SMS and emails. Get alerts and react before your users even notice
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Global monitoring
Choose from 12 different locations worldwide. We double check (no false positives) from two more locations whenever an error occurs to confirm downtime
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Everything you need, visualized
Monitor your sites with simple and beautiful charts. Measure your uptime, response time and more every minute
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The features your business needs

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SSL Monitoring

Never worry about when your SSL certificate is expired or damaged.

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Invite teammates

Invite colleagues to projects to share dashboards and alerts.

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Customisable HTTP pings

Change the method, parameters or headers of your HTTP monitors.

Transparency for customer trust
Customers now expect you to have a status page. Make them feel involved in your business
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Build trust with effortless setup
Inform your users about your availability and reliability through a public status page. Set up one in seconds
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Incident insights
Publish incident messages into your status page to inform your users about any incident or outage in real time.
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Send updates to your customers
Let your users know in real time about incident updates by allowing them to subscribe to your status page incident updates
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