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How to Monitor Website Changes

Before, to know detect a website changed its content or not, you had to manually visit the website and check by yourself. This is a thing from the past! Tools such as Hyperping can send instant alerts in case of changes.

Assertion monitoring

One way is making sure your API or marketing site returns the expected content.

Some servers return an expected status code (200, OK) but can often return the wrong content in the response body, whether it is HTML content or JSON.

If your website is content-driven, that can have a big impact for your business.

This is when you need to get alerted.

Competition monitoring

Another way is monitoring a competitor and instantly receive alerts of their changes so you can take action in no time.

Another cool way is to track the pricing, whether you'd like to shop better or adjust yours on your ecommerce shop.

Hyperping is a simple tool that offers one feature for this specific case.

How can I do that?

To get started, head to your hyperping dashboard and create a new monitor.

In this example, you would like to monitor your competitor's headline. To do so, visit its site and pick the piece of content you would like to monitor for changes:

Let's monitor when Intercom's landing page is changing its head line.

In Hyperping's dashboard, create a new monitor:

Here are the 4 straight-forward steps:

  • Give your monitor a name
  • Change the HTTP method to GET in order to ask the server to receive the body response (which HEAD does not ask for.)
  • Enter the URL you would like to monitor
  • And finally, the piece of content to be monitored in the Text body field

Hit Save and you're set! You will receive an instant alert by email once Intercom pushes a different headline to their marketing website.

How does it work?

Hyperping pings the URL you entered every minute, 24/7, and verifies that the expected content appears in the response!

The idea is super simple. This is the kind of things you had no idea you could automate before, and can't live without anymore.

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