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New updates and improvements to Hyperping.

Have any questions? Please chat with us at leo@hyperping.io or through the in-app chat!

Jan 20, 2021

REST API for maintenance windows

The first feature we release the REST API for is the maintenance windows! This one has been requested the most, and we’re glad to finally start to support developers to integrate Hyperping into their workflows.

You can find the doc in here → API Reference

Fixes & improvements

  • Browser checks can be added to status pages
  • Add a Login button to the https://hyperping.io website (Finally!)
  • Sign up using Google SSO directly from the website: “Sign up with Google”
  • Use api.hyperping.io/v1 instead of app.hyperping.io/api/v1
  • Slack Incident integration
    • Properly lists all public channels for Slack teams with more than 1000 channels
    • Sort channels by date of creation

Dec 6, 2021

Browser check improvements

We are heavily continuing the development of our browser check product thanks to your feedback!

  • 2 more server regions: 🇫🇷 Paris and 🇺🇸 New York
  • Fix update monitor name
  • Select custom check interval
  • Select a region to test the code from before saving
  • Remove Notifications tab
  • Shows "Runs every x minutes" in dashboard view
  • Shows a small browser icon whether the browser check uses chromium, webkit or firefox

Update customer details

You can now update your customer details by yourself in our billing section. Your data will be stored by Stripe and will be shown in your invoices. https://app.hyperping.io/settings/billing

Fixes & improvements

  • Fix a bug where changing tab in report view would refetch the report data and cause an unnecessary reload
  • In report view, move the Check Interval selector from the Notifications to the Settings tab
  • Add more interval choices (up to 24 hours) for regular (http, ICMP & Port) protocols
  • Revamp Project Selector (top-left)

Nov 26, 2021

30-second monitoring

⚡️ We are stocked to announce 30-second monitors! This simply means you will now be alerted twice faster than before, and will give you a more accurate representation of your uptime.

All new monitors will have this interval by default. You can set your current monitors in the Notifications tab of a monitor view, under the setting Ping frequency.

Fixes & improvements

  • up and down webhook events now contain a monitorUuid key to help identify your monitor. See the Doc for more details.

Nov 15, 2021

Browser checks Beta

Browser checks allow you to monitor critical parts of your services, using Node.js' Puppeteer and Playwright APIs to run headless browsers for end-to-end testing. Supports environment variables.

We are looking for beta users. We would love to help you code your scenarios! Contact us at leo@hyperping.io to get access.

const { webkit } = require('playwright');  // Or 'chromium' or 'firefox'

(async () => {
  const browser = await webkit.launch()
  const context = await browser.newContext()
  const page = await context.newPage()
  await page.goto(process.env.SITE_URL)
  // Assert something
  await browser.close()

Read more about it in our documentation: https://hyperping.io/docs/monitoring/browser-checks

New logo!

Finally a logo we can be proud of!


  • prettier, more playful yet professional font
  • more lively signal icon
  • H → h (uppercase H doesn't look so good)

June 25, 2021

Slack subscription to status pages

Here it is! Let anyone subscribe to your status page via Slack to receive alerts straight in their Slack channel of their choice every time you publish a new incident!

Activate it in your status page settings


Grouped services in status pages

Group relevant services together to keep your status page clean!


Manual components

Create components that aren't monitors to be added to your status page.

During an incident creation, you can manually set your components to 3 different statuses:

  • ✅ Available
  • ⚠️ Degraded performance
  • ❌ Outage
  1. Paste on another page, and select Paste & sync in the dropdown that appears
  2. Your content is synced! Any changes you make will update every Synced Block.

Feb 22, 2021

Telegram Alert Notifications

Receive DOWN & UP alerts to the Telegram Group or Channel of your choice at a project level!


Feb 1, 2021

Slack Notifications for Status Page Incident Updates & Maintenance Status Messages

Let any status page visitor to subscribe to incident updates and maintenance status messages in Slack!



Bangalore ping region 🇮🇳

We're stoked to announce the arrival of the Bangalore, India ping region, that comes to back up the Mumbai pinger

Fixes & improvements

  • SSL expiration alerts are now sent 30 days before! (Additionally to 3 days & 10 days before)
  • Fixed a bug where some long requests (10+ seconds) were sending 500 status codes instead of 408

Stripe 3D Secure Payments

We now comply new EU regulations that require support of the 3D Secure Payment. We use stripe to operate 100% of your payments

December 4, 2020

New monitor report view 🎛

For the past week you've been able to enjoy the new monitor report view!

We've rebuilt this whole route, moving from angularjs to React, which makes it much snappier, with a new, fresh interface!

HTTP Breakdown

To the right panel, this new block breakdowns the timing of your HTTP requests over the past 24 hours

SSL information

To the right panel, if your monitor is using HTTPS and has an SSL certificate, its expiration date will appear to the right. Hyperping keeps sending emails days before and during expiry

Response time per region

You can filter up to 4 different regions to compare response time between regions


Port & ICMP ping protocols

ICMP and Port protocols are finally here! Monitor your SMTP servers, IP addresses databases, load balancers, VPS, anything!


We hope you'll like all these new features, please let us know in the chat or by email at hello@hyperping.io !

Fixes & improvements

  • Improved favicon fetcher
  • New ping region: 🇸🇬 Singapore
  • UP/DOWN notifications:
    • Most alerts now show the Alias/Name of the monitor, instead of its URL/hostname
    • UP Alerts now include a more precise duration: "Outage duration: 1 minutes, 42 seconds"
  • The size of monitor cards, at the main view of your dashboard, have been shrank to show more monitors at once
  • Drastically reduced the bundle size. Our app.min.js file went from over 2Mb to 400kB (uncompressed), 73kB compressed
  • Replaced ping instances that were causing too many spikes (notably for Amsterdam & New York regions)