Marker uses Hyperping to ensure that their website and apps are always up and running smoothly.

Words by Gary Gaspar, CEO & Founder at is a visual feedback tool for websites. The core of our service is a website widget that customers install on their website. If we have a problem, our customers are directly impacted.

When we launched our business, we only had a handful of customers. But as we started scaling, we needed a better way to communicate with our customers how reliable our website and applications were. We also needed to be alerted as soon as possible when something went wrong.

Hyperping has been a total game-changer for us at

Reliability is super important for us. Hyperping, helps us ensure that our website and apps are always up and running smoothly. I love that it constantly checks our site and alerts us right away if there are any issues. This helps us anticipate and fix problems before they turn into bigger headaches.

I remember setting up our account in no time. Plus, the team behind Hyperping is really helpful and responsive if we ever have questions or issues.

Honestly, we couldn't imagine running our SaaS business without Hyperping now. It's such a valuable tool and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants peace of mind about their website and app performance.

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