How to setup PagerDuty

Once an outage is detected on Hyperping, an alert is automatically created in PagerDuty. Then Hyperping will close the PagerDuty alert once the outage is over.

In PagerDuty

Navigate to Configuration → Services. If you are creating a new service, click Add New Service.

Under General Settings, enter a Name that represents the application, component or team that you wish to open incidents against and add a Description of what this service represents in your infrastructure.

Under Integration Settings, check "Use our API directly" (Events API v2).

Once your finished setting up your Hyperping service, click Add Service to save it.

After creating it, visit your service, and in the Integrations tab you will find your Integration Key. Copy it to your clipboard.

For more details, follow PagerDuty's guideline.

In Hyperping

Head to your Project Settings, then paste the 32 characters Integration Key to the Integration Key field, hit Save.