How to create a maintenance

To follow this tutorial, you will need a Hyperping account, which you can create from the Hyperping new account registration page if you don’t already have one.

To get started, head to your Hyperping dashboard in the Maintenance section, and click on Create Maintenance.

A Maintenance impacts two aspects:

      1. The selected monitors: the maintenance will pause (stop pinging) the selected monitors during a certain period that you define, so you can proceed to your maintenance without impacting the uptime.
      2. The selected status pages: a notice of a message of your choice is displayed on the selected status pages.

Note: You have the options to:

  • Only schedule a maintenance time for monitors without posting anything on your status pages (by not selecting any status pages).
  • Only post a maintenance message without selecting any monitors.
  • Do the two above.

Select the scheduled time and affected components

1. Select the scheduled time of the maintenance and give it a duration.
2. Select the monitors that will be paused during the selected scheduled time.

Fill maintenance fields and select affected status pages

You can post this scheduled maintenance in your status pages by filling the maintenance fields. It is, like incidents, composed of a name and a message. Then select the status pages in which the maintenance will be posted.

Post new updates to status pages

You are able to post additional updates as you are going through your maintenance to update your customers in real time through the affected status pages.