Datacenter regions

Hyperping performs HTTP pings from multiple regions to your services, one region at a time. There are currently 14 available regions:

  1. SFO: San Francisco, United States
  2. VGN: N. Virginia, United States
  3. CLF: N. California, United States
  4. NYC: New York City, United States
  5. LON: London, United Kingdom
  6. PAR: Paris, France
  7. FRA: Frankfurt, Germany
  8. AMS: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  9. SEO: Seoul, South Korea
  10. MBA: Mumbai, India
  11. BLR: Bangalore, India
  12. SAO: São Paulo, Brazil
  13. SYD: Sydney, Australia
  14. TOR: Toronto, Canada

To ensure the highest uptime among all pingers, we use a mix of different hosting providers: DigitalOcean (Droplets), AWS (Lambda + API Gateways), Vultr (Dedicated servers) and Vercel.