Migrate to version 2

Learn how to migrate your status page to our revamped version.

Our status page product has been revamped to a second, much improved version.

Some of the new features involve:

  • Static served - Allows to serve ultra-fast status pages
  • Hosted on a reliable hosting provider - rather than an in-house solution.
  • Private/internal status pages - Using Google SSO
  • Updated design
  • Multi-lang support
  • TV Mode/auto refresh stats
  • Light/Dark modes
  • Fixes and improvements from the v1
  • Updated designs of incident emails

Switch to V2

If you already have a version 1 status page, when clicking "Status Pages", you will be redirected to the "https://app.hyperping.io/statuspage" page.

To view v2 status page, click to the "Switch to v2" button at the top-right of the Status Page's's view. You will then be redirected to a "https://app.hyperping.io/v2/statuspage" page. You can switch back to v1 at anytime.

Learn more about how to create a status page (v2).

We recommend migrating to the new status page version as soon as possible, as we are not maintaining the v1 anymore.

Need help?

Whether you need help or don't have the time, we can help migrate your status page ourselves by replicating your v1 over the v2.

We will take care of migrating your subscribers over your new status page as well.

Do not hesitate to ask us via the chat or via email at hello@hyperping.io.

Do not forget about the CNAME record!

Old status pages were using the status.hyperping.io CNAME record.

With the newer version, you now must use cname.hyperping.io.