Allow your status page visitors to subscribe via their preferred channels. They will be notified when you publish incident updates to your status page.

Notification channels

Suscribers is an optional feature. You can select none, or up to 3 different notification channels: email, slack or SMS.


Subscribers can choose to receive notifications via a Slack channel.

When clicking on "Get updates via Slack", the user will be redirected to a Slack authentication page, and they will be invited to select which channel they want to receive notifiations to.


To enable SMS notifications, you will need to connect your own Twilio account. Read the docs here.

Manually add/import subscribers

You can manually add subscribers via your status page's settings, into the "Subscribers" tab. You can add as many in the text field, separated by commas. You can only add email subscribers manually.

If you have a large volume, do not hesitate to ask us via the chat or via email to help you import them.

Subscribe to specific updates

By default, all users are able to subscribe to specific updates on your status pages.

When you create an incident, you can choose which services are affected, and only subscribers who have subscribed to those services will receive notifications.

Delete subscribers

To delete a subscriber, go to Status Pages → Choose the status page → "Subscribers" tab → 3-dot icon at the right of a subscriber → Click on "Remove subscriber".

You can select multiple subscribers and delete them all at once.