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Are you looking for a solution that is fast and simple to setup and use on a daily basis, and want to stay away from false positives? 100s of businesses have made the switch to Hyperping.

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Receive instant alerts when downtime occurs and collect performance metrics.
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Communicate incidents and maintenances to your users in beautifully simple status pages.
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Collaborate with developers and customer support to resolve issues together.
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Why is Hyperping an Excellent
Alternative to Pingdom?



Collect uptime & response time metrics, invite teammates and integrate with your favorite tools within minutes with our simple, elegant and intuitive interfaces.

Fast Support and Customer Service

Available every day of the week for a fast, human and personalized support. We don't like chatbots and support tickets here.

Hosted Status Pages

We host beautiful, customisable and SSL-ready status pages to show the status of your websites and APIs, like Pitch.

Incident Management

Receive & share alerts with your teammates, and update your customers instantly during bad times. See how Slite communicate with their users.

Reliable Monitoring

Thanks to our dozens of datacenters across the globe, we ensure no false positives by doing multiple double checks!
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What do our customers say?

jarratt-portraitJarratt IstedHelpDocs Co-founder

“Hyperping gives our users peace of mind when it comes to uptime. With realtime data built right in we can make sure we're delivering a fantastic experience across our whole platform.”

pierre-portraitPierre RenaudinSlite CTO

“We picked Hyperping to bring a high quality incidents and status reporting dashboard to our users. It took us 30 minutes to setup, and it covered everything you want for a SaaS business.”


More Reasons to Move from Pingdom

Our Supported Integrations

We support, in-house, the best integrations out there: Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, SMS, Webhook, Helpdocs or Twilio!
Read more about our integrations.

Collaborate With Teammates

Pingdom only allows you to share alerts, reports and access to dashboards in plans above $110/mo. Inviting teammates starts with our Basic plan ($29/mo)!

HTTP Status Code Checks

Sometimes a 200 status code is not OK. You can check whether your API or website properly returns a 301 Redirect, or 401 Unauthorized as expected, for example. Pingdom does not let you customize the expected status code.

Text Body Assertion

The status of your API or website does not depend on the status code, but rather on the text contained in the body response? With Hyperping, you can assert a string of characters, and receive alert across all integrations when it's missing!

SSL Monitoring

Pingdom only alerts once your site or API is down after its SSL expired. Hyperping sends you friendly alerts to let you know your SSL certificates expire way before they do!

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