Uptime monitoring

Get notified in case of downtime, instantly.

We continuously monitor your websites and APIs' performance and uptime. Receive alerts you as soon as downtime happens via email, SMS, Slack and more, in a beautifully simple and intuitive interface.

15 day trial, no credit card required.
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Always be proactive.

Stay alert. Monitor the uptime and performance of your sites, APIs and servers, with a simple and elegant interface. Receive notifications in real time.

Customisable HTTP requests

Add custom body and headers to your HTTP requests. Hyperping also supports Ping (ICMP) and port protocols.

Integrates with your favorite tools

Don't miss any downtime. Receive instant alerts via email, SMS, Slack and more to you and your teammates.


No false positives.

Hyperping automatically double checks with 3 more servers when detecting an error to confirm an outage. No false positives.


SSL monitoring.

Hyperping monitors your SSL certificates (HTTPS), and will send you reminders before they expire.

Incident Management

Scheduled Maintenance

Schedule maintenance a ahead to prevent your uptime to be impacted and to receive unnecessary alerts. Share updates with your users by emails, Slack and a status page.