SaaS Custom Domains uses Hyperping to maintain a high standard of performance and reliability.

Words by Drago Crnjac, founder & CEO of SaaS Custom Domains.

SaaS Custom Domains makes it easy for SaaS companies to offer branded domains to their customers, focusing on security, reliability, and scalability. Trusted by a wide range of clients, from startups to large enterprises, we process millions of requests per hour. For many of our customers, all of their incoming traffic goes through our service first before we forward it to their origin servers. This means that if SaaS Custom Domains is experiencing issues, many of our customers are also experiencing issues. This makes system reliability a critical aspect of our service.

As we expanded globally, the need for a robust monitoring system grew. Our earlier systems, suitable for smaller operations, struggled with the complexities of a worldwide distributed service. We needed a monitoring solution that could provide insights from multiple locations to match our international operations.

Hyperping was our choice for its comprehensive monitoring capabilities and the option to track uptime from different global locations. This ability is crucial for us to monitor our system's performance from our users' perspective, ensuring a consistently high service quality. It helps us quickly identify regional network issues and reroute traffic to maintain service reliability.

Integrating Hyperping has significantly improved our global monitoring, aligning with our commitment to high availability and reliability for all clients, regardless of their location.

A standout aspect of our partnership with Hyperping is their customer support. The personal touch and responsiveness of their support team have been exceptional. It’s not just about solving problems; it's the way they engage with us, making us feel valued and understood. This level of personalized support has made a significant difference, solidifying our satisfaction with their service.

Hyperping has been instrumental in helping us maintain the high standards of performance and reliability our global clients expect. Their effective monitoring tools, combined with their personalized customer support, make them a vital partner in our ongoing success.

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