Software Maintenance Best Practices for 2024

Businesses rely on software solutions increasingly in our modern age, and it’s constantly evolving. Compared to some of the software being used in the early 2000s, we’ve seen large changes, resulting in more complex frameworks, which come with their own unique changes.

6 Best Statuspage Alternatives in 2024

A status page serves as a vital communication tool, offering real-time updates on the operational status of a service or website. Businesses leverage status pages to enhance transparency, build trust with users, and proactively address potential issues.

The 4 Best Datadog Alternatives for 2024

Businesses rely on software solutions increasingly in our modern age, and it’s constantly evolving. Compared to some of the software being used in the early 2000s, we’ve seen large changes, resulting in more complex frameworks, which come with their own unique changes.

The 4 Best Status Page Software for 2024

As someone tasked with handling the pitfalls and consequences of unwanted downtime, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest software developments working to address these undesirable yet inevitable situations.

8 Server Performance Monitoring Tools To Consider in 2024

Server monitoring and maintenance is key to keeping your organization running smoothly, but it's notoriously difficult to manage. That's why it's important to have the right tools in place for server performance monitoring and uptime tracking.

8 Incident Management Tools You Need To Consider In 2024

You're probably aware that downtime is expensive—but do you know how expensive it is?

Best Cloud Monitoring Tools For Every Use

Cloud computing can potentially save money, help with scalability and flexibility and make it easier to test new products and design fresh applications faster. That means, protecting your cloud-based architecture, services, and applications is important to ensure your business flourishes while benefiting from the cloud.

Best Uptime Monitoring Software For Every Use

On average, according to consultancy firm IDC, it costs a small business around $137 to $427 in lost revenue for every minute its website is down. So, as you can see, ensuring your website is live as often as possible is essential to keeping your revenue flowing as smoothly as possible. This is where uptime monitoring software comes in.

How to Fix Request Method 'POST' Not Supported

Many errors can prompt a page in any search engine. The most common ones are the 404 Not Found Error and the 404 Not Supported Error. Yeah, once in a while, you might encounter this notification; the request method 'post' is not supported.

Continuous Monitoring: 5 Tools to Give You Peace of Mind

If you’re part of the DevOps, SecDevOps, or IT team, you would agree that continuous monitoring of the entire IT systems and networks is vital.

8 Pingdom Alternatives for Comprehensive Monitoring

Out of all the tools in your stack, your monitoring tool is probably not your favorite to work with. That's understandable—at best it works seamlessly in the background, at worst it's a source of constant headaches.

Why you need a status page

In today's digital age, businesses are heavily reliant on their online presence. Website downtime or technical glitches can have a significant impact on a business's reputation, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

From 200 to 503: Understanding the Most Common HTTP Status Codes

When browsing the web, you may have come across error messages such as "404 Page Not Found" or "500 Internal Server Error." These error messages are HTTP statuses, which are an essential part of the internet's communication protocol.

How to Add a Node.js Health Check Endpoint to Your API Using Express

As your customer base grows, your responsability to provide a functionning service at all time grows too.

What To Do When Your Shopify Site Goes Down

Shopify downtime can be a real risk to your business. It can cause you unprecedented losses. For example, it can prevent clients from accessing your ecommerce store.

What is a Good API Response Time?

It's hard to imagine a world without APIs. APIs connect our mobile phones or computers to do everything from making purchases and payments to interacting on social media, extracting or sharing data or any other computer to computer interaction in our business or daily life.

Why You Need a Digital Experience Monitoring Strategy

Websites are the economic engine for modern businesses and service providers. A user-friendly, always-on, secure site reassures visitors and shows customers, business partners and others you are serious about your business.

503 Service Unavailable Error What is it and how to fix it?

A 503 status code reveals an issue that typically appears when the site’s server is not reachable. The 2 main reasons are that the server is down for maintenance or that is overloaded.

What is Uptime Monitoring and Why You Need It for Your Website

Your website is the lifeblood of your business. It’s how you connect with your customers and market your product or service. You want to know that it’s running smoothly at all times, but that may not always be the case.

A collection of 24 great 404 http error pages

The 404 error is one of the most common web errors experienced by users. There are a number of different reasons that the server might not be able to find the resources requested by the user.

How To Auto Generate SSL Certificates On The Fly

The initial request will take slightly longer as it generates the certificate on the fly, for free using Let's Encrypt, and then will transparently redirect the user to its SSL protected status page!

How to Show a Top Level Status of your Services using our API Endpoint

Get the list of components and their statuses, uptime and average response time with human descriptions and indicators, and includes a top-level status to programmatically embed it anywhere.

How to Monitor Website Changes

In this example, you would like to monitor your competitor's headline. To do so, visit its site and pick the piece of content you would like to monitor for changes:

Getting Started with a SaaS Business as an Indie Maker

I would like to expose the mindset that helped me have my very first business profitable since day one. This is not a proven methodology, but I intend to replicate the way I started this business to maybe validate it.

Introducing Subscribers for status pages

Your users are now able to subscribe to your status page to receive emails every time you publish an update during incidents!

Introducing Incident Insights for status pages

Did you ever have your customer success team (if you have the chance to have one!) overwhelmed by customers throught the support chat when facing minor incidents or even major outages, having to update all those worried customers in real time throught dozens of different channels as the engineering team finds out and resolves the issue?