All Hyperping Data is stored in industry-leading modern data centers monitored 24/7.

Our customers’ data is stored in industry-leading and safe data centers benefiting from some of the strongest information security standards in the industry.

Hyperping Data Centers

Hyperping uses secured data centers provided by DigitalOcean. These data centers provide high levels of security in all jurisdictions. The redundancy of the infrastructure ensures that customer data is safe by allowing for efficient disaster recovery procedures.

Data Center locations

All data is stored in the European Union, in a DigitalOcean data center (Frankfurt, FRA1). Only ping data may be stored at the region the user executed the check.

Data encryption

We are encrypting stored data End-to-End. We use HTTPS for all network traffic. Data is encrypted at rest with LUKS and in transit with SSL in our databases.


Full cluster backups are taken daily and write-ahead-logs are maintained to allow us to restore to any point-in-time within the previous seven days.

In the event of a failure, our managed databases with a standby node will automatically switch data handling to the standby node to prevent unplanned downtime.

Data retention policy

Hyperping stores accounts's data as long as users need them.

Customer accounts and all related data are deleted upon request.

Data Stored at Hyperping

Hyperping only stores data to the extent needed to provide the service. We do not log any user activity. Our monitoring dashboards anonymously log data between our backend and the databases.

Account data: Hyperping processes the user name, email address, phone number.

Credit card and billing information are only stored by our payment provider Stripe.

Ping Servers

Users can select where their monitors are pinged from. For redundancy reasons, we use cloud-based servers from different hosting providers: DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Vultr and Scaleway.


While following security and data protection industry best practices, Hyperping itself is not certified as of now. Our infrastructure providers DigitalOcean and AWS maintain numerous certifications, including PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC 2 Type II compliance.


The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set a new standard for how businesses must handle EU residents’ data. We, at Hyperping, are dedicated to complying, and assisting our customers in their efforts to comply, with the GDPR regardless of the jurisdiction in which they operate.

Right to be forgotten:

If a customer or user of yours requests his information (email, phone number, Slack webhook) from your status page to be deleted, you may do so directly through your dashboard. The customer’s data will be fully removed from the application and our databases.

Delete monitors or status pages

If you need to delete a monitor or a status page, you can do it seamlessly through our dashboard. As you delete, all related data will be instantly removed from all of our databases.

Can Hyperping assist my company to make requests about their data?

In its relationship with your company Hyperping is a data processor as defined by the GDPR. As such Hyperping will assist you in replying to an individual’s request that you receive as a data controller. The Hyperping platform offers certain features facilitating this process. The Hyperping team will also be available to assist your company in complying with such requests.

Reporting a vulnerability

We care deeply about the security of the data we’re stewards of, and about the continuity of the service we provide to our clients. If some issue threatening these was to escape our attention, we would love to hear about it. In exchange, we commit to working with you to figure out what happened, and to fix the problem. To report an issue to our attention, please email and our team will get back to you.