Hosted Status Pages & Incident Manager

Combining reliable uptime and performance monitoring, hosted status pages & incident management all in one tool.

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Receive instant alerts when downtime occurs and collect performance metrics.
Status Page
Communicate incidents and maintenances to your users in beautifully simple status pages.
Incident Management
Collaborate with developers and customer support to resolve issues together.
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Trusted by hundreds of companies

Communicate incidents & maintenance updates

Create incidents, add real-time updates and change your services status to keep your users in the loop.

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Trusted by hundreds of customers

“Hyperping gives our users peace of mind when it comes to uptime. With realtime data built right in we can make sure we're delivering a fantastic experience across our whole platform.”
Jarratt Isted
“You can keep searching the internet for uptime monitoring services - but you won't find one that is more delightfully simple. Hyperping nails all aspects: from smooth setup to peace of mind and attentive customer service. Ideanote relies on Hyperping to transparently keep us and our enterprise customers informed.”
Jakob Bo Storjohann CEO
“We picked Hyperping to bring a high quality incidents and status reporting dashboard to our users. It took us 30 minutes to setup, and it covered everything you want for a SaaS business.”
Pierre Renaudin

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Notify your users

Publish updates about incidents or maintenances and send notifications to your users.

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Protected status pages

Set a password to share an internal status page with your teammates and collaborators.

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Peace-of-mind as a service

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Unlimited projects

Arrange your monitors, status pages and teammates into specific projects.

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Invite Teammates

Invite colleagues to projects to share dashboards and alerts.

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SSL (HTTPS) Custom Domain

Every status page on Hyperping gets HTTPS with custom subdomain.

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